Monday, April 7, 2014

Blender Displacement Mapping

For a long time I always wondered how artists retained so much detail in their 3D renderings.  How could they get small nuances to render and display as photo realistic.  The answer is displacement mapping. Adding a grey scale image into the displacement channel will render true texture with lifelike modeling.

I wanted to play around with displacement in this image, experimenting with my name bumping out as if modeled within the glass.  It would be next to impossible to get this same effect simply by pulling vertices.  I'm not sure if it could even be done.  By unwrapping the model and saving it as an image file I was able to open the jpg, create a grey scale image of the text and spherical bumps then place the jpg back into blender's displacement channel.  It takes some time to get comfortable with the process but once you grasp the work flow, your modeling will be limited only to your imagination.

Stay safe, create daily and be attuned to change.