Friday, May 9, 2014

Blender 3D Beveled Text Profile

If you have ever used a 3D modeling program you know that you can usually create 3D text objects.  You should also be able to add a bevel to your text AND add a fancy profile to the text edge simply by clicking on a button.  Not so easy in Blender.  What I mean by not so easy is you cannot simply click a button and have the profile appear onto your text.  You have to do a little more work in Blender which also means, in a good way, having a little more control over your profile.  
When I researched this topic I did not see much out there to help me, so I decided to create my own video version of adding text profiles in Blender.  Once you understand the concept and get into the flow it really is quite easy.  Have fun.

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