Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Checking In With The Past

So as I was researching how to get new clients a thought came to mind.  Why not touch base with past clients and see if they are in need of any illustration work. Such a no-brainer for most, but not for me.  My first email went out to BE Publishing which I have done work for in the past.  Great company to work for!  They publish educational titles for which they need cover art. The company has a great story behind how it all started, and the owner is great to work with.  The images are samples of work I created for their annual catalog.  I'll let you know if my lightbulb moment generates any work.

It is hard for me to make the contacts.  I would rather be creating the art, and I think many artists feel the same as I do.  I am going to have to get over that and step out of my comfort zone.  If anyone out there has any tips I would greatly appreciate some guidance.

Stay safe, create daily, and be attuned to change.