Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I worked on another portrait illustration inside Adobe Illustrator over the weekend. My goal is to force myself to use unfamiliar tools and practices within illustrator so that I may be better equipped in my illustrative pursuit.  Like others, I find myself using the same work flows and techniques, bypassing some of the more essential tools I should be utilizing.  

Creating daily is something I look forward to doing.  Setting a specific deadline and meeting that short deadline forces me to work fast and not over think the process.  At the end of the day I evaluate what I learned and what I could have done better and move on.  Tomorrow brings a new challenge, new skill set and new problems to overcome.

I have found over the years being an illustrator you need to develop skills which are pertinent to your specific style.  You should also experiment and push your style beyond your imagination at times.  By taking time off I feel I can now take a new approach, a different perspective to my work.  I can try new things.

Be safe, create daily and be attuned to change.